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Get Involved

You can be involved! See below for ways you can make your voice heard and offer support for the Pro-Life activists facing charges.

Contact the Judge

Write A Letter 

Please write to

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly 

Address: 333 Constitution Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20001 


Plead on behalf of the "Garland 9"   Plead for leniency!  Tell her these are good, even holy people, filled with compassion for others!  

Be Respectful

Letters must be respectful!

Write to Pro-Lifers in Jail/Prison

You can write to each imprisoned activist and provide encouragement and prayers.

See the directions below on how to send letters. 

Pro-Life Activists You Can Write To At William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center:


  1. Jonathan Darnel

  2. Jean Marshall

  3. Lauren Handy

  4. Heather Idoni

  5. William Goodman

  6. John Hinshaw

  7. Herb Geraghty


Address Letter Like Below: 

(Name of Pro-Lifer)

William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center

2001 Mill Road

Alexandria, VA 22314

For Letters To Christopher Moseinski: 

Christopher Moseinski #24244-510

FCC POLLOCK Satellite Camp

P.O. Box 2099 (Dorm 1)

Pollock, Louisiana 71467-4050

For Letters To Jay Smith: 

Jay Smith #93612-509

MDC Brooklun Metropolitan Detention Center

P.O. Box 329002

Brooklun, NY 11232

Tips On Writing

  1. Typed letters are preferable but handwritten will work as well (just make sure your handwriting is readable!)

  2. Pre-stamped white envelopes only.

  3. No images allowed. 

  4. Printed News stories are not allowed but if you copy and paste a news story in a Word Doc. the jail lets it through!

Additional Action

You can take additional steps to make your voice heard! 

  • Demand an autopsy of the babies at the DC Medical Examiner's Office. 

  • Call (202) 698-9000

  • Ask why they haven't given these innocent children an autopsy and then demand an autopsy to be performed.

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